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A dance class always starts with a yoga session to warm up and keep the body stronger and more flexible. The student starts by learning step by step all the different Adavus (technical dance units). Then, the student discovers the different rythms and the language of the Mudras (hand gestures). Slowly, he/she learns some very simple and short stories, and can later enjoy beautiful technical and abhynaya (drama part of the dance) choregraphies. Regular practice is necessary.
Benefits for the body and the mind
  • Increases the strength of the body: back, shoulders, arms, legs...
  • Improves flexibility, stamina and balance of the body
  • Helps concentration and mental focus
  • Increases the brain memory and bipolarity
  • Gives a fascinating approach to the different rhythms of the Carnatic music
  • Develops drama qualities: body language, gestures, facial expressions, breathing techniques
  • Gives grace and artistic sensibility
  • Offers spirituality and joy for each day of life
Helena's private dance studio

Who can dance?
Bharata natyam is an art with an extraordinary longevity: dancers can start from 5 years old and keep dancing till 60 or more. All students are welcome: children and adults, beginners and advanced, from all different cultures. Helena teaches individually or within small groups, always in a full respect of the Bharata natyam tradition.